Smile Gallery

Before and After Treatment Photos

Porcelain Laminates

This patient originally had white composite bonding placed on his front six teeth which subsequently became stained and discolored. He also wanted to closed the spaces between his teeth and have a nicer shape to all of his teeth.

The old fillings were removed along with any cavities that were present.

New beautiful porcelain laminates were bonded to his front six teeth. Notice the whiter even color of his teeth. We closed the spaces that he had on his front teeth and his teeth are now straight. He was now happy and looks 10 years younger!

Posts and Crowns

This patient did not like her old crowns on her front two teeth because they looked too rectangular and there was a small gap between the teeth.

We removed the old crowns and because the teeth previously had root canal we had to rebuild the tooth with two new cast gold posts.

Two new ceramic Procera Zirconia crowns were made for her which will not show a black line by the gum area. Notice that the space has been closed and her teeth have a more attractive curved feminine shape.

Dental Implants

This gentleman wanted an implant to replace his missing tooth on the lower right side of his mouth. The implant is first placed in the jaw bone by the oral surgeon and this picture shows the actual Nobel Biocare implant in the jaw.

We had to then make a tooth that can screw into the implant. This picture shows the tooth with the threads and our screwdriver.

After the tooth is screwed into the implant a white composite filling is placed on top of the tooth.

Our office has experience in using a range of implant manufacturers including:

Nobel Biocare, Biomet 3I, Zimmer Dental, and Straumann ITI. For more information regarding the various types of implants do not hesitate to visit their websites or you can make an appointment to consult with us.